About Marvelous Holidays ! Hotels & Resorts

Welcome to Marvelous Holidays

An Online booking platform for hotels and resorts across the Pakistan, covering from the smallest town, district and city with tons of innovative features, facilities and services needed for hospitality business.

The Marvelous Holidays welcomes you and offer you to join us totally free without any hidden charges. We just charge a commission percentage we both agreed on when we book a room in your property.

We will market your hotel, we will advertise on all major online and offline platforms and generate business for you and only claim commissions after successful Bookings & closings everyday, 24/7 and 365 days.

We offer many unique features & services, Let's have a cup of tea or coffee at our place or we can visit your property to discuss more about it.

If you are interested to work with us, let’s fixed a meeting so we can onboard your hotel and let’s explore how we can help your business to grow & nurture.

  1. Commission percentage what you like.
  2. Free Marketing, Advertising and Booking for Your Hotel, Resort, Guest House and any other accommodation facility you own.
  3. On Call Bookings for Guests to Book Quickly through our dedicated call center agents.
  4. 100% guaranteed payments from Marvelous Holidays on Bookings.
  5. Free Online Promotion and Brand Awareness of your Property.
  6. Hotel decoration Ideas, Hotel Management Services, Staff availability, Booking and Accounting Assistance, Software and Financial Services.
  7. We can provide Human resources or whatever staff you need with no any cost.
  8. Innovative Ideas, equipment’s, value added products and much more to make your hotel or property special for everyone, attractive & worth staying.
  9. Free Seminars & Events to boost Tourism and different Activities for more business & profits.
  10. Transparent Dealing with Online booking system.
  11. Guest information services for guidance and assistance in tour spots with our online information portal where you can find information about cities, businesses, places to visit and opportunities.