Dalbandin is a city and the headquarter of District Chagai in the province of Balochistan near the Iran and Afghanistan border. It has a population of 16,319, and the remainder of the entire Dalbandin Tehsil has a population of 110,503 It is located at an altitude of 843 m (2769 ft). Dalbandin is famous for fruit orchards and more. Dalbandin Airport is a small domestic airport located southwest of the city.Dalbandin City is surrounded by Desert and Mountain.Afghan Refugee Camp is also located in between Dalbandin Chagai road. The name of city has a little story. Before the advent of the British into the Sub-Continent, the territory was known as Naalbandin. The people in this area were expert farriers, that were regionally known Naalbandin. But the English people could not properly pronounce the word Naalbandin and modified it into Dalbandin.Dalbandin is famous for fruit orchards and more. Dalbandin Airport is a small domestic airport located southwest of the city.