Gandavah is a town and District Headquarters of Jhal Magsi District of Balochistan, Pakistan. Located on a small hill in the middle of the Kach Gandava plain, Gandava is inhabited by a mixture of Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan, Brahui, and Hindu communities.The town has a long history and several old architectural monuments including the Moti Gohram tomb, locally known as “the Taj Mahal of Baluchistan”.Gandava also faces significant difficulties with needs like water, electricity, gas, healthcare, and education.As of the 2017 Census of Pakistan, Gandava Municipal Corporation has a population of 7,825 people, in 1,256 households.The oldest name associated with the city is Qandabil, which appears in medieval Arabic sources.Supposedly the name derives from the sweetness of its drinking water.The present name Gandava first appears in classical Balochi poetry of the 15th century and has been widely used since the 18th century.A third name, Ganjaba, first appears in sources from the 16th century.It refers to “an abundance of water”.